5 Important Tips On How Not To Choose Your Wedding Photographer

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#1. Quantity does not define quality

If a photographer claims to have shot hundreds of weddings in a year, do not make this the only measure for selection. You need to understand that any photographer alone cannot handle so much of workload. And hence, chances are that they will have associate photographers with them to work on their behalf.

Of course, each of the associates will have a different style of photography. And, you might have seen the photographs clicked by one of those, but you might be allotted another one for your wedding. So, make sure you get all these details before finally hiring the one, so as to avoid any fights or disappointments later.article-2015615310395338393000

#2. Discount factor

Do not opt for any of the photographers who are offering discounts, simply because of the price factor! There can be numerous reasons why they have lowered their prices. Maybe they use low-quality equipment, or they are not offering you a variety of album designs to choose from, or they will not invest in high-quality printing, or anything else.But, in any of the cases, it is not necessary that you will really be getting a good deal. So, make sure you never let money be the only deciding factor.




#3. Someone who is a friend or a family member

Be wary of this cousin of yours who has just graduated from a photography school, or the friend who is passionate about photography. Your wedding is not a trial ground for amateurs. You need professionals who have the expertise in handling big events.Imagine what will happen if you hire this relative or friend of yours who has no clue of the wedding lighting setup? Or, who is not professional enough to keep a backup of your photos? You obviously would not be able to do anything once the wedding will be over, other than regretting upon your decision. So, keep in mind all such factors before letting a family member or a friend take this responsibility.



#4. Blindly following the recommendations

Just because one of your friends or family members liked a photographer’s work does not necessarily mean you too would like him/her. Recommendations definitely give good options to choose from, but again, they should not be the only deciding factor.

In some cases, your wedding vendors might also suggest you a photographer whom they might have collaborated with. But, you need to understand that your vendor’s recommendation does not guarantee quality work by the photographer. So, make sure you check their work on your own, and also check the reviews of those who  taken their services in the past.



#5. Going only by their portfolio on social media platform

Social networks have indeed proved to be a boon for choosing a wedding photographer. You can see their work in the profile and get a hang of how they would be covering your wedding. This is surely one of the good reasons to choose your photographer, but there is a lot more to be checked apart from this before you finalise your photographer.

You must meet the photographer in person and have a discussion about your likes and dislikes. Try to figure out if they are ready to give you what you want from your wedding photographs, and then only hire them. After all, it is better to be a little precautious beforehand than regretting later on.


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