#1. Quantity does not define quality If a photographer claims to have shot hundreds of weddings in a year, do not make this the only measure for selection. You need to understand that any photographer alone cannot handle so much of workload. And hence, chances are that they will have associate photographers with them to work on their behalf. Of course, each of the associates will have a different style of photography. And, you might have seen the photographs clicked by one of those, but you might be allotted another one for your wedding. So, make sure you get all these details before finally hiring the one, so as to avoid any fights or disappointments later. #2. Discount factor Do not opt for any of the photographers who are offering discounts, simply because of the price factor! There can be numerous reasons why they have lowered their prices. Maybe they use low-quality equipment, or they are not offering you a variety of album designs to choose from, or they will not invest in high-quality printing, or anything else.But, in any of the cases, it is not necessary that you will really be getting a good deal. So, make sure you […] Read More