FAQs – Students and Interns

If you’re a photography student or someone who wants to learn wedding photography and are looking for internship opportunities, please read this before getting in touch:


Q: Do you accept interns? Can I please work with you part time?

A: Yes, I do have vacancies for interns from time to time. Please contact me at studioviscom.com with some samples of your work. Or just use the contact page or write on the wall.


Q: Do I need my own camera and gear?

A: Your own camera would be a bonus. It’s important to master your equipment and I’ll be happy to help tutor you on how best to use it. Lenses can be borrowed, based on the fact that you will use them gently.


Q: Do I have to be in Ahmedabad to work with you?

A: Ideally yes. I travel all over India on assignment, but it’ll be hard to know when I’ll be in your home city. You could either visit Delhi short term, or let me know your current location and inquire about shoots where you are currently based.


Q: I have a job, and can only spare Saturday / Sunday to work with you.

A: I understand the benefits of having a full time job, and also wanting to learn photography on the side. However, weddings do not happen only on weekends – so if you’re serious about a career in wedding photography, you need to be able to take off from work for a few days to complete the assignment.


Q: When I’m working with you, what will I be expected to do?

A: You will be a member of the team, and we all need to carry our own weight. Apart from shooting the wedding, I will also expect you to help out with equipment and props. This will be valuable experience for you, and you will benefit from learning what exactly goes into shooting a wedding.


Q: Can I attend only parts of the wedding that are convenient to me? I’m only interested in shooting the main wedding day, and not the Sangeet and/or other functions. OR, I don’t have three days free, and can only spare one day to work with you.

A: Sorry, but I’ll expect full commitment from you. I will be spending time walking you through the fundamentals, and it’s important to be present from start to finish. That’s the best way to learn!


Q: What are the copyright agreements, and who owns the images I shoot?

A: While working with me, you are working under the banner of Arjun Kartha Photography. You will be expected to act as a member of the team, and that also includes presenting yourself as a team member to wedding guests and extended people you meet during the wedding. However, you are permitted to use the images you shoot in your personal portfolio as a photographer. You are however, NOT permitted to use the photos for any promotional activity on 3rd party publications or websites (like wedding websites or magazines), or for commercial or monetary gain. These guidelines exist to protect both your and my brand reputations. For any questions, or if you’re unsure about a certain situation, it’s best to just ask!


Q: Do I get paid for an internship? Do I have to pay you to work with you?

A: The answer to both questions is no. You are learning photography, and therefore need real-world experience to get started in this business. This experience is invaluable, and you cannot set a price to it. Similarly, I encourage new photographers to start exploring and spreading their wings, and therefore will not charge you to work with me.